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500daysofjess wrote in jeffbuckleyfans
So, Jeff's music has been an important part of my life for many years now, as I'm sure it has been for many of you here. I was also really affected by his death. I'd like to share a dream I had a few years ago.

In this dream, Jeff and I were laying on a bed together. Not necessarily in a romantic way, but we were smiling and we were both happy. We were laying in a T shape, with my head on his belly. After a moment, I remembered that he had died. I started to cry and looked up at him and asked him why he went away. He looked back at me and said "I am here always. Remember me now. This is our moment together."

And that was the dream. It was short and it was simple. And you can call me crazy- but I do like to believe that it was my special moment just between the two of us. It felt as real as anything I've ever felt.

Has anyone else dreamt of Jeff?

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I believe that a lot of fans can dream- and do dream- about Jeff. I've heard lots and lots and LOTS of stories about it over the last few years. One girl on the old community dreamt she was cooking in a kitchen and he came up behind her and kissed the back of her neck and hugged her around the stomach. A friend of mine has dreamt a few times of hearing songs that Jeff is singing without actually recognizing the songs... as if they're new.

So I definitely believe the dream was real... I actually think he does this for a lot of his fans because we've taken his death so hard.

I've dreamt about him several times as well. I dreamt once after "Forget Her" came out that he was onstage and people were screaming for him to play the song and eventually, he broke down and began playing it. As he sang the song, though, he began to cry and cry and cry. I woke up feeling absolutely horrible that that song, as good as it is, ended up in the public's hands. I've also had other, more familiar dreams about him, where we sit and cuddle and laugh and talk as if we've been friends forever.

What a nice guy, eh? He still cares about his fans after his death. <3

Just last night I dreamed we kissed, but I have had dreams for months now where snipits of an ongoing hangout where we keep meeting, listening to music & enjoying one another's company. It's not romantic, more of a friendship. Last night I think it was more of a fantasy added to the dream,I honestly believe that there was some kind of validity, as if Jeff from heaven can appreciate people that are truly fans or lovers of his music or even agree with his outlook on life in general...or maybe I'm just wishing...

I sure did used to dream of Jeff.

We were in the woods and he was singing...the rest is too personal to mention... let's just say we were making out. Not too original but that was where my mind was in those years when he was still alive.
(I was a lusty teen okay!)
I just loved the fact that we were the same sign.

I find others who like his music, but they never want to talk about him.
With a voice like that, how can you not want to learn more about him and his music. How can you just stop short of his voice when there was a whole story and man to know.

Just my two cents mind you.

About 4 years ago, when I had been very lonely and upset (and subsequently listening to a lot of Jeff Buckley!!) I had a really, really vivid dream with Jeff in it which I will never forget.
In the dream I had been sectioned and was kept in a very large white room which had some beautiful Victorian features painted in green. There was lots of sunshine streaming in through the windows, and outside was a beautiful summers day. I was sat on the original tiled floor, and hiding beneath a red cast iron medicine trolley. Jeff came into the room, with the light illuminating him from the doorway, and he came down to me and gently picked up my frail body. He then led me by the hand into the bright doorway. I know he said something to me but I can't remember exactly what it was.

What I rememeber most however, was the strongest feeling of safety which he gave me when he came in. It was more intense than any feeling of security I have ever experienced in reality, and that's what I will never forget :-)

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