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Jeff Buckley
chikenmcnuggets wrote in jeffbuckleyfans
Finally, a comm that isn't moded by admins that are M.I.A!  More like, a JEFF BUCKLEY COMM that ISN'T DEAD or MODED! YAY!


(Covers and Live Performances are included! :D)

1. Lover, You Should've Come Over
2. So Real
3. Morning Theft
4. I Shall Be Released (WFMU)
5. What Will You Say

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oh this is hard

Everybody Here Wants You (my favorite song EVER, actually)
Lover, You Should Have Come Over
Calling You
Morning Theft
Opened Once

Everybody Here Wants You is my favorite song of all time! You have good taste. ;)

Everybody Here Wants You
Mojo Pin
Dream Brother
Alligator Wine

1. So Real
2. Grace
3. What Will You Say
4. Gunshot Glitter
5. Moodswing Whiskey

But there are sooo many others I love!

1. Forget Her
2. Grace
3. I Know We Could Be So Happy Baby
4. Everybody Here Wants You
5. You And I

1. Lover, You Should've Come Over (Live in Chicago version... when he says "I didn't see you before, but I see you now" I just hear so much passion in his voice.)
2. Morning Theft ("A heart that beats as both siphon and reservoir" is one of the most beautiful similes I've ever heard).
3. Please Send Me Someone to Love (Radio Faucet)
4. Yard of Blonde Girls (Sexy song)
5. Last Goodbye (This is the song that got me started 16 years ago when I was 13... I have a special love affair with this song)

Oh I LOOOOOOOVE the Live in Chicago version of Lover... oooohhhh it's so perfect.

so glad i'm not the only one!!!!

it was a really hard task to narrow it down to five. as soon as i posted it- i thought of ten songs i'd forgotten about!!!

This was so much harder than I expected it would be.

1. Lover, You Should've Come Over
2. Forget Her
3. Morning Theft
4. Everybody Here Wants You
5. What Will You Say (Live in Chicago)

Dammit, there's really no room for Grace, and in particular, the Live a l'Olympia version? Oh and what about Opened Once?

And I didn't even INCLUDE covers...

1. Yeh Jo Halka Saroor Hai
2. I Shall Be Released (WMFU)
3. If You Knew (but any time he covered Nina Simone, really)
4. Moodswing Whiskey
5. The Way Young Lovers Do (Sin-é)

Try to Forget Her.
Last Good Bye.
Lover, You Should've Come Over.
Jewel Box.

and one more...
I really liked "Cruel", that was a great song!

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